Working at a local cannabis dispensary

I was entirely working as an office administrator for 3 years, before the supplier had to close its doors. I was responsible for ordering supplies, cleaning the office, plus scheduling employees. I had a few additional responsibilities, however those were the biggest. When the supplier closed its doors, I had to find another task. I put my resume on indeed, monster, plus ZipRecruiter. I waited weeks plus weeks, before I had a call for an interview. The interview was at a cannabis dispensary plus the position was manager. I knew every one of us had three bizarre cannabis dispensaries in our city, however I’ve never stepped foot in a single one. I have not used cannabis for recreational reasons since I was in university. I did not believe if I was the right candidate for the task, however it was the first call I acquired in 2 months. I decided to put my best foot forward plus agree to the interview. On Sunday afternoon of this week, I met with the managing partner for the cannabis dispensary. The same supplier owns all three locations. The gentleman was genuinely nice plus energetic. He asked me a lot of questions. I couldn’t answer some of the questions, because my know-how on marijuana plus CBD products is minimal. Luckily, the managing partner liked my application plus background. He did not mind that I had genuinely little information on cannabis products. He immediately provided me the task plus I accepted. Next week I am going to attend a cannabis training class. I should learn a lot of information about everything for sale in the dispensary. After the week of training is over, I will start fresh on Sunday.


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