What I learned in my dispensary training course.

I live in a state that recently legalized marijuana, and I am very excited about it.

I have wanted to be a business owner all my life, and now I think I want to open a cannabis dispensary.

I have had many people warn me about opening a marijuana dispensary, but I think that it will be a great experience. I have already gotten my licenses and picked out a location for my new cannabis dispensary. Next I have to find a few suppliers, I think I want to specialize in cannabis oil. I like pot brownies and everything but I really love concentrates. I feel that if I had a niche cannabis dispensary I would stand out and get more customers. I took an online cannabis dispensary training course so that I could be as knowledge as possible and I really think that it helped me. I got some great ideas for my cannabis dispensary from the videos. For example I learned how important it is to have delivery as a service offered by my cannabis dispensary. If I have delivery for my cannabis then I can reach many more patients that wouldn’t normally come to my dispensary. I also learned some more about different marijuana strains, which I really thought I was an expert on. I learned a lot about OG Kush, and I am really excited to offer that as a strain in my cannabis dispensary. I also learned how to hire and train the staff of my cannabis dispensary, which is something that I never even thought about. At first I figured anybody who knew anything about marijuana would be a good fit, but now I know that that isn’t really true.


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