They were having a marijuana sale at the cannabis dispensary

I never thought they would have sales at a cannabis dispensary.

When I got a flyer on my car, they were offering different strains of marijuana for sale, and I was shocked.

A part of me thought it was a big joke when I saw the advertisement. I live in a state where recreational marijuana is legalized and I still get surprised at how much they advertise. I think it may be my age, but it still takes me by surprise. I had my medical marijuana card, but I hadn’t gotten up the nerve to go into a cannabis dispensary. If I hadn’t seen the flyer on my car, I still may not have gone into the cannabis dispensary. I felt weird when I just drove up to the cannabis dispensary. I almost felt ashamed when I entered the cannabis dispensary. I don’t know what I expected but it looked just like any other small business. There were counters with different things inside the display cases. Informational guides were on the counters and there were tables with sales items and even samples. I asked if I could try one of the edibles and the young woman asked me if I was driving and how far I had to drive. She told me the edibles were laced with marijuana and she asked if I was familiar with ever using edibles. I told her I had never used marijuana at all and I showed her my medical marijuana card. She smiled and called over one of the bartenders who were kind of like pharmacists. He took me back to a chair and started to explain just what a cannabis dispensary was.