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My brother David has decided to transfer out West and change his whole life! He’s been an accountant for years however he wants to get out of that business. He’s going to transfer and open up a marijuana dispensary of his own, and for the past several weeks, David has kept himself very busy with dispensary training, online budtender education, online dispensary supplier education, cannabis sales training, and marijuana products education. I guess that you could really ask David any question at all about marijuana dispensaries now and he could answer you separate from blinking an eye! He’s taken several online cannabis sales courses to give himself a very wonderful marijuana education and now I guess he very knows what he’s doing. David is a go-getter, and I guess that he will do well when he finally opens up his marijuana dispensary later on this year. But I will particularly miss him, since the people I was with and I usually have lunch together once or twice a week! The past few times we’ve had lunch, all he could talk about was marijuana science training and getting more cannabis education, though. So I guess that it’s very on his mind. He talks about it to everyone he comes into contact with, too, so I guess that this is very the appropriate job path for him to be on. I very hope that his marijuana dispensary is a immense success and that his passion for cannabis education shines through in his work! If anyone can do well with running a dispensary and providing marijuana sales education to their staff, it’s my brother.

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