Starting our own processing facility isn't easy

The two of us as well as our family have been in the farming business for a century. Two or three decades ago, the two of us decided to start growing cannabis. Once cannabis was legal for growing in our state, the both of us decided to start with a single grow house of two or three thousand square feet. The two of us have steadily worked on making our business a multimillion-dollar company. Recent months have shown us that a processing facility on our own area would save us at least $10,000 every month. The two of us have arrested most of the Cannabis on our own as well as then send it to another facility for processing and cultivation. This new processing facility will be the biggest piece to add, and the two of us will need more employees just for tasking inside the Processing Company. Most of our Harvest and dispensary process takes about three to five days. Since our plants dry for a lot of time respectfully it, the two of us try not to rush any of the process. Moisture beads can absolutely change potency, flavor, as well as even the aroma of the strains. Our own processing facility will help to change the grow schedule. At the moment, 25 weird marijuana strains are being cultivated as well as process. Once we can on our own, all of that money will be able to be put into the new processing as well as cultivation facility. After that, we won’t need anyone else to put their hands in our entire cannabis industry.

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