Potency and flavor

When you finally get to harvest your lovely cannabis plants, you finally get to reap the bounty of your hard work; For most growers of cannabis, this is the most exciting time with your plants.

It is easily amazing that by choosing when to harvest, this affects the “high” of your final product.

If you choose to harvest buds before the hairs start to change color, you absolutely will get a more pure THC with the buds. If you wait for those buds to fully ripen, they will produce more CBD as well as CBN. People who prefer to have more CBD with their buds should entirely wait for those buds to become more ripe. Others prefer a more pure THC pleased though that provides a clearer “high” that doesn’t make you assume sluggish or lazy. Some people would explain it as a sort of “cerebral high”. You entirely should experiment for yourself when choosing when to harvest the buds. If you are planning on selling your product, you entirely will want to wait for the buds to become greater as well as more ripe for a greater amount of your final product. If you are going to consume the buds yourself though, you might prefer to harvest the buds early with the pure THC pleased of the buds. It all comes down to an individual preference, so you entirely need to get a assume for what works best for you. A lot of newer growers get impatient as well as can’t wait to clip those buds from the plant. That’s just fine because you can get a assume for what you like, then when you harvest the buds, you will want to hang them up in a well ventilated space. The longer they dry, generally the better the buds taste… Don’t ever dry them under the sunshine or dry them too quickly because that can affect the potency as well as the flavor of the bud.


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