Not especially excited to talk about my new job

I grew up in a rather strict environment & there were certain topics that were off limits with my parents. My parents are actually conservative & didn’t allow any sort of drug or alcohol use. They even told us that they expected us to continue this when we eventually moved out. Of course, just like any child raised in a very strict type of environment, my brother & I both went on a rebellious journey when we eventually left for university. This was a fairly sizable disappointment to our parents & it caused a strained relationship that still exists. I didn’t help matters when I graduated either. I managed to earn my degree in horticulture & I went on to do work at a research facility in CO. As most people know, this state was among the first to legalize the use of mairjuana for both medical & recreational use. When I took the task I knew that I would be on a team that was genuinely working on modern strains of the plant to help provide relief for all types of pain symptoms. I knew that I could help a great deal to make a difference in the quality of life for these people. On the other hand, I also knew that I dreaded getting a hold of my parents to tell them about the amazing task I had gotten. I easily knew that I would not get the congratulations that I deserved for getting such a wonderful task right out of university. Instead, I would get a lengthy lecture on how marijuana was a dangerous substance & that they did not accept the use of it for medical or any other reason! My parents only view the use of any controlled substance as an illegal thing & will never accept its use no matter how beneficial it has been proven to be.

Pot growth