My mom got her medical marijuana card

I didn’t even know my mom had applied for a medical marijuana card until she told me that she had one.

I was really surprised that she would go for a medical marijuana card considering how strict she was about any of us even thinking about using marijuana.

She called me one day and asked me if I would take her to town. I was surprised when we ended up going to a cannabis dispensary. She told me she had her medical marijuana card and she wanted to go check out the cannabis dispensary. She had a prescription from her doctor, but she got to choose what form of marijuana she wanted to use. I couldn’t really see my mom sitting around smoking marijuana so I was really interested in finding out what she would choose. When we got to the cannabis dispensary, we walked right in and there were several people there waiting on other people. They told us they were bartenders and if we wanted to have a seat a budtender would be right with us. Not only did the budtender show us the products they sold, but they explained how each different type would affect my mom. I was surprised at how much information the cannabis dispensary had there for my mom. She took home several pamphlets and a package of samples for her to try. I’m sure she will find some different products that are going to help her pain. I’m hoping she takes me back to the cannabis dispensary when she returns. I am interested in seeing what kind of edible samples they have there.


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