My brother with autism has improved now that he’s taking CBD

I have a brother with autism. He turned 22 last month. Ryan has a lot of difficulting getting by. He is not able to live independently. He seems overwhelmed about life in general. I asked him about his future goals. Ryan told me how he hoped he could one day gain the confidence to talk to people and hold a steady job. He often becomes agitated and he isn’t able to deal with the world on his own. I heard about CBD from a friend of mine. I looked into it and learned that CBD has been used to treat people who have autism. I told Ryan about the benefits of CBD. We read some of the success stories online. He was willing to give it a try if it was safe. So I ordered CBD and he started taking it. We then added CBD edibles. In a short amount of time, there was a noticeable improvement. Ryan suddenly had an easier time talking to new people. He mentioned that he was thinking of applying for a job. I was thrilled that he had the confidence to consider such a big step. I support him completely. The CBD oil has made all the difference. Because it is entirely natural, we don’t worry about addiction or side effects. It’s not overly expensive and readily available. I told my family about the CBD oil and they were skeptical. They seemed to think I was putting him on drugs. However, I explained everything and told them to do their own research. Although CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, it doesn’t cause a high sensation. It is proving beneficial for all sorts of medical treatments, from glaucoma to diabetes. Seeing the results of the CBD, my family now agrees it is a good idea.


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