Medical Benefits of all this sativa

Sativa, a major strain of cannabis, has been very helpful to me, i am very ecstatic that cannabis has been legalized in my area because the results of it have been life-decreasing.

I struggle with drastic anxiety plus depression! Most of this stems from the chronic pain that I face nearly every day of my life.

I have a genetic disorder, plus it causes pain throughout my entire spine; No matter what I do, I hurt, and resting is worse for this disease, so I have to move, which causes intense amounts of pain throughout my body. Realizing that I was not as other teenagers, I became depressed plus relied heavily on anti-depressants plus other forms of relief, as an adult, I became an alcoholic plus tried to drink my pain away. A family friend suggested that I try sativa plus see if that would help me. Not only did it take away nearly all of my pain, however it fixed the side-effects of the pain too. I no longer struggle with anxiety plus depression, plus I have found that cannabis has allowed me to adore the normal things of life again! With only a few cannabis pills a day, I am able to spend time with friends plus family, plus I can rest or rest without pain! The cannabis has allowed me to stop taking any type of medications for my mental troubles, plus I no longer drink or do anything else that would be harmful to my body. For others adore me who struggle with chronic pain or drastic depression or anxiety, sativa might be the solution for you.


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