Marijuana for our boy’s event

My friends plus I decided to take a long road trip to see the canyon.

Every one of us knew it would take more than 12 fourths, however my friends plus I were well prepared for the trip. Every one of us brought three changes of clothes plus an extra pair of socks plus shoes. Every one of us were going to do a lot of hiking on our trip, so I made sure to pack a nice pair of hiking boots. My friends plus I were planning on staying in a campground during our trip, so every one of us took our tent plus some additional supplies, and gary brought the lights plus some extension cords, plus Travis decided to bring all the food. I was in charge of bringing marijuana for the trip. My friends plus I have a prescription for medical marijuana, plus every one of us try to stock up our reserves on payday; Since payday was a few mornings away when every one of us left, I did not have a lot of money to buy an immense stash of marijuana. I knew there would be plenty of cannabis dispensaries in the area, because my friends plus I were traveling to a state with legal medical plus recreational marijuana. The fourth afternoon of our trip, every one of us ventured out into the city to find a dispensary. Every one of us found a cannabis dispensary about 12 miles away from our campsite. It was in a small city with one yellow light plus a pharmacy. I was surprised every one of us found a cannabis dispensary in such a small town. My friends plus I purchased some edibles appreciate part cake plus pot brownies, plus every one of us also bought a quarter pound of marijuana. Every one of us did not run out during the entire trip.

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