Making sure everyone is learning

A long time ago when I was promoted to supervisor of the recreational dispensary in our town, I knew I needed to change some things! The cannabis industry is growing and yet my dispensary was struggling, and I knew what was the issue, lack of proficiency, and my budtenders did not believe their cannabis products.

They also did not believe how to build shopper relations.

I checked all over the place and I entirely found a cannabis education supplier. The supplier was willing to take our entire staff as well as do dispensary team training, dispensary staff education, and dispensary products training. These courses were to teach our budtenders how to work as a team. They also l acquired how to approach shoppers, find out what they need and command the perfect product overall, however before I had a combination of wonderful salesman with no proficiency and poor salespeople with all the proficiency in the world, but now everyone has the best of both worlds thanks to the cannabis training courses. I even got cannabis staff education while I was there as well. This course was just for me as a team leader. I l acquired how to manage my staff, encourage more sales as well as create a wonderful vibe in our dispensary. It was such a wonderful thing for all of us to do. I have to say, we have all gotten closer as a team thanks to it. The people I was with and I had numerous mornings of working for hours with each other. The people I was with and I now honestly believe each other as a team and people as well. I highly recommend any supervisor, budtender or cannabis team that is struggling to take cannabis education courses.


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