I’m way too sick to think about work this week

I knew that I was feeling ill last evening when I was seemingly tired and also tired for no good reason.

I was consistently supposed tired when starting to feel ill.

Most normally, I have tons and also tons of energy. When I was a small kid, my folks believed I was having a DD. I was just consuming lots of energy and needed to find some interests. My parents sign me directly up for some football and also baseball during spring time. During the summer days, I consistently spent time swimming laps at the pool. I still find time to work at the gym numerous times each of the weeks. I tried to stay fit and also active. I never supposed to feel run down. I eat healthy foods prefer lean fish and also chicken and consistently eat plenty of arms, leafy vegetables. Feeling tired in the morning was tipping me off to understanding something would not be right. I decided to take more than a few vitamin C tablets before sleeping. Nothing seemed to work and I woke up feeling chilly with a stuffy head and also fever. I was going to train more than two current employees working at the marijuana dispensary. It’s recently come to our attention to create a delivery service and delivery drivers are supposed to show up for marijuana dispensary orientation. I already contacted a different manager for covering that shift, but the marijuana education needs to be postponed until a further day when all of us can be there to discuss the different procedures.

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