I buy because I like the names

I have to admit that I have a problem when it comes to shopping. I have a habit of buying things because I like the name. If I am looking for a certain product, it doesn’t matter if it is the name brand as long as I like the name. I bought some off brand crackers because of the name FlavoRitz, and I was surprised because they were really good. In some ways, especially the price, they were just as good as the name brand. Recently I was in a cannabis dispensary looking for some different things to try. I was in there looking for different edibles and different types of cannabis. I came across some cannabis oils that was made from Girl Scout Cookies and OGKush. I thought the names were really cute so I wanted to buy them to try it. I knew I should ask about their different properties and find out what kind of reaction they caused. I should have asked the budtender at the cannabis dispensary, how strong they were. It wasn’t as though I couldn’t ask the budtender. I took one look at the budtender and I forgot I was at a cannabis dispensary. I just wanted to make my purchase and get out of there before I made a fool of myself. The name on his name tag was Tom Hanks. I was afraid I would buy everything they had in the cannabis dispensary if I started talking to him. I loved him name so much that I was tongue-tied and I would have even bought him.

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