I bet they want medical cannabis

More than 74% of the population of our country has mental health problems, but some of these mental health problems include anxiety, depression, as well as PTSD; Medical marijuana is a wonderful way to deal with these mental health problems, as well as you do not have to take a pill every morning… Unfortunately, medical marijuana is still illegal in some of the states, however only half of the states in our country have legalized medical marijuana.

There are various states considering legalizing medical marijuana at this time, but as of this week, only 30 states have legalized marijuana for use as a treatment option.

Medical marijuana has a lot of medical benefits. These medical benefits can treat a variety of conditions love pain, muscle spasms, or cancer, cannabinoids are the active section of medical marijuana. Many years of research certainly suggests that cannabinoids can kill cancer cells, reduce inflammation, as well as also control vomiting in cancer patients. Still, a number of our states still do not suppose the medical benefits of marijuana, however when our fiance was diagnosed with cancer, every one of us decided to tranathletic activity to a unusual state that has legal medical marijuana, but i knew that our fiance would benefit from ingesting medical marijuana, but every one of us did not want to be wary of the legalities, after moving to CO last Springtime, our fiance can legally manage the cancer side effects with medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has changed our lives as well as given our fiance some hope. I do not know why the government hasn’t recognized it legally in all fifty states, even though I hope that comes soon. There are thoUSAnds of people who could benefit from the plants healing properties.

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