How you can learn about dispensary products online.

When opening a cannabis dispensary it can be easy to overlook the basics.

For example I just opened a cannabis dispensary and I didn’t even think about my point of sale system until the week before I opened.

I was so set on getting quality marijuana strains and finding good staff that I totally forgot about the seemingly small things. In reality without a point of sale system or cash register it doesn’t matter how many marijuana products I have for sale! As soon as I realized there were a number of things I needed before the grand opening of my cannabis dispensary I got a little nervous. I had a week to get a sound system, who wants to shop for marijuana in a big quiet room? Probably nobody, which is why I had to install a sound system. I then installed a cash system that made it easy for my budtenders to sell marijuana products because it had descriptions in case they forgot. I also had to order business cards for my cannabis dispensary and get a website made. I did this all under a week because I didn’t want to miss the deadline for my cannabis dispensary opening. It might seem silly that I forgot so much, but I was so caught up in finding the best cannabis oil around that I forgot the basics. Now I think my marijuana dispensary is ready to open up. I have great budtenders and I even have the coveted Girl Scout Cookies strain. I hope to be the best cannabis dispensary around.

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