Had to get cannabis sales training since customers never bought from me

After getting all my cannabis training up front when I applied to work at my local dispensary, I can happily say that I’ve been working in that same dispensary for over 3 years.

I completely understand the ins and outs behind the science of marijuana.

I love working as a budtender. Despite my time at the dispensary, that did not qualify me as an excellent sales representative. I had so much knowledge on our different cannabis products, but closing a sale was impossible for me. The customer would get too overwhelmed with knowledge and they’d leave the dispensary. Finally after my first few years, the owner of the dispensary decided to put me in a cannabis sales training class. This helped me learn how to close on a sale without going too much into detail about the product. The company that came in to do the training was amazing with their version of marijuana sales education. I received a step by step process on how to incorporate my knowledge with the needs of the customer. I needed to know the who, what, when, and why for why they were stopping in our dispensary. The dispensary sales training really helped me close deals with customers! I already knew what products would work best for people, but now I know how to get those customers to take me up on my advice. I wish the owner did this sooner.

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