Good customer service is important

At the very edge of the desert, my friends as well as myself certainly have a small marijuana cultivation operation. My friends as well as myself started our marijuana cultivation operation about six or eight years ago. It was a strenuous amount of work to get the marijuana grow Farm running. The biggest problem was dealing with our location. The desert isn’t exactly the best place to build a marijuana grow house. It took work plus a lot of Ingenuity, before my friends as well as myself had things running. We had to work on ways to shade as well as hydrate our plants. The marijuana plants are each on a strict cycle of day as well as night hours. Some many months ago, the two of us bought halide bulbs to deliver some artificial Lighting in the red house. My friends as well as my co-workers purchased these specialty halide bulbs from a big online retailer known for. The two of us even paid for next morning shipping, with the hopes those halide bulbs would arrive hastily. We waited for most of the morning, until 3 in the afternoon when the halide bulbs showed up. Unfortunately, both of us found them to be shattered all over the bottom of the box. My wife as well as myself immediately got on the phone with the company, as well as they were happily kind to refund our fees as well as get more lights out here in a hurry. Since those lights improve growth at night, my wife as well as myself were anxious for them to arrive. The customer service person was excellent.



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