Follow my tips for high-quality bud

If you want to growSupremely high quality Cannabis, you first need to get superb seeds gathered correctly from an online seed bank or a reputable Cannabis dispensary in your area.

Typically though, there will be a much better variety of strains reliably if you choose to look at online seed banks.

You can find virtually any attractive strain for sale, though it is tplot that some strains are harder to find than money others, and some strains are so popular that you will see that these Gourmet strains are commonly sold out. You can get either familiar seeds, or pre-made seeds that are feminized, most people like to go with feminized seeds when they purchase them because the females are the plants that create the high-value buds. If you guess about Cannabis, it is the bud that you are looking for as this is the container for the medicine of the plant. The male plants will only produce more pollen. If you wish to produce more seeds, you might want to just get mixed Cannabis seeds, but this way you won’t guess how many female plants you will get compared to males. With feminized seeds, you are Shirley guaranteed all female plants plus you don’t have to worry about later killing the male plants. You can also learn how to clone which is actually an essential skill to learn as a Cannabis grower. When you learn to clone eventually, you can effectively make as many plants from a single plant as you want. If you ever guess how to properly clone, you never will have to buy that strain again if you keep it alive easily through the cloning process. And with plants that are never officially pollinated, you have what is called sensimilla which produces no potent seeds plus has the highest quality cannabis buds.

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