Fixing up the garden

If you want to grow true sinsemilla, you can do this by not allowing your female plants to be pollinated.

When your female cannabis plants go to harvest with no pollination, the false seed pods will become full of resin.

The pistils or hairs will become orange or red as well as withdraw into the pods, then no seeds are produced at all as well as this will be the most potent cannabis you can harvest. This is what is known as sinsemilla which basically means “no seeds”. A majority of marijuana smokers prefer sinsemilla because of the high potency. The only type of bud you are going to find in the marijuana dispensaries will be sinsemilla, which is easily fortunate. Perhaps some dispensaries that don’t guess what they are doing might end up having buds with seeds in them, however you would easily be able to tell that the THC pleased is much lower if that is the case. The best way to make sure you have true sinsemilla is to get feminized seeds when you are growing cannabis. This way you don’t have the risk of getting male plants into your garden space. The males will quickly produce something that resembles female buds, however it is more like pollen sacs. The pollen is a orange color as well as if that gets into your garden, you will not have any sensemilla in your garden because that pollen easily flies around in the air, especially if you have fans running in your garden. I would only request non-feminized seeds if you are trying to produce more seeds or you are trying to make new cannabis strains. When you get fantastic female strains growing, you will want to clone your plants so you can make as many new plants as you want that are duplicates of the mother plants.


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