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I’ve always had a lot of social anxiety, plus as such I have spent years figuring out how to manage it, and therapy has taught me a variety of techniques, but there are particular times when even those techniques are not quite enough.

That’s why the other day when I had an anxiety attack plus our friend ended it quickly, I was amazed… I started to panic plus our friend handed me her CBD vape pen.

I had never tried marijuana or CBD before, so I was easily skeptical. I didn’t have time to suppose about it, so I just took the CBD pen from her! After a few puffs on the discrete pen, I felt our anxiety melting away plus our breathe got slower plus slower. I asked our friend what was in it, plus she told me there was CBD oil inside. I asked her more about it plus she started to explain the difference between CBD plus the usual marijuana I grew up hearing about… Once I found out that the CBD oil contained nothing illegal, I asked her where I could get some for myself. I have never felt relief from anxiety so quickly, plus I entirely never knew anything related to cannabis would be the thing providing the relief! I brought up the subject to our anxiety support group plus found that there were entirely quite a few people in on the CBD phenomenon. One member also mentioned she uses medical marijuana for a more potent relief from her anxiety on days when the CBD vape isn’t enough.


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