CBD & THC have proven effective in fighting against cancer

My friend has been diagnosed with cancer.

I wanted to do something to help.

He’s attempting to fight this horrible disease. I asked if he was taking cannabis & he said no. He then asked his doctor about the possibility of cannabis as a treatment. The doctor didn’t recommend it. I showed my friend the abundance of studies that have cannabis as an effective treatment to both cancer and its symptomes. From what I’ve read, cannabis has actually shown to kill various types of cancer. I wasn’t overly knowledgeable on the subject or anything but figured it was worth looking into. The use of THC & CBD together has shown amazing results. I thought it could prove beneficial for his treatment. He wasn’t sure if he should try it. After we looked into the many success stories from people who claimed they were able to treat or even get rid of their cancer successfully with the use of cannabis, my friend was ready to try it. He bought some CBD oil and THC oil from the medical cannabis dispensary in our local area. The THC oil was expensive but potent. Compared to conventional medicine, it’s still the cheaper option. My friend tried the CBD oil and felt better. He was able to rest and relax. I know that CBD oil can help slow the spread of cancer in the body. This treatment could help him and prevent the cancer from getting worse. He’s doing chemotherapy & radiation, and the CBD also helps with nausea. The THC oil had also made him feel so much better. We are now hopeful for his recovery. He’s getting his strength and appetite back.

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