CBD proves effective in treating my cousin’s seizures

I have a cousin who suffered frequent seizures.

  • We worried about brain damage and his survival.

His condition has been incredibly stressful on the whole family. I wanted to help in some way. I researched alternative treatments for seizures and came up with cannabis. All sorts of articles talked about the effective properties of CBD. It has successfully lessened or eliminated seizures for a lot of people of all different ages. Studies have proven CBD to be an excellent treatment for various types of seizures. In many cases, the people who tried the CBD oil never had seizures again. I was hopeful this would work for my cousin. Despite all the medication the doctors had prescribed, my little cousin was still suffering seizures. They were increasing in frequency and intensity. It seemed that if CBD actually worked, the doctors would have prescribed it. I’ve since learned that not all doctors are on board with substituting cannabis for conventional medication. CBD comes from the cannabis plant. It has been used as a natural remedy for centuries. CBD is now legal across the country. There are tons of scientific studies and medical professionals who recommend the use of CBD for things like seizures and pain management. I talked to my family about the potential of CBD and they were unsure. My Uncle agreed that it was worth a try if it could put an end to my cousin’s seizures. My poor cousin was having serious side effects from the seizures. We had him try CBD oil and edibles. It was some kind of miracle. The seizures stopped altogether.


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