CBD oil helped my child’s acne

My child is fifteen years old and has extreme acne.

He has giant white bumps all over his face, back and arms.

I feel so bad for him since he is incredible self conscious. He has trouble making friends and talking to girls in his classes. I know it is all because of the acne. I tried all sorts of acne products to help him out. He did all the over the counter medicine and nothing seemed to help him out. I read online that acne can be caused by genetics, bacteria, inflammation or the overproduction of sebum! Sebum is an oil made by the sebaceous glands in the skin. I could not identify the cause, but I wanted to fix his issue. I read online that a lot of people with acne take CBD oil in order to treat it. Apparently CBD can reduce the amount of sebum produced in your body. Also CBD is great at increasing inflammation in the body. I figured why not try it out. I got CBD oil for him and one for me, then the oil is known to help people with chronic pain and I figured I could use it. My child has been using the oil for almost a week now and there is such a difference, his face has totally cleared up and his back and arms are starting to look a lot better. He has bought many bottles of the CBD oil because it is so helpful. I have noticed that my knees and hips are not bothering me as much. I truthfully didn’t realize how amazing this product is. Now that we have both have seen success, we want other people to try the oil too.

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