CBD for nausea treatment following chemotherapy

I was relieved that the CBD worked so well for him

I have an Uncle who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Uncle Bob has been going through chemotherapy & radiation treatments. He looks very thin and pale and exhausted. I worry about his chances of survival. He’s gotten so weak from the constantly stress and nausea. I asked him if he’d considered trying cannabis to help him with his symptoms. He was uncomfortable with the idea of being high. Then I told him about CBD. CBD has proven successful at helping cancer patients with nausea & vomiting. CBD doesn’t cause a high sensation and is non-addictive. It’s all natural & and good for relieving anxiety & pain as well. So Uncle Bob agreed to try CBD oil and we hoped for the best. We visited the cannabis dispensary to pick up the CBD oil that was recommended for patients with cancer. When Uncle Bob tried the CBD oil, he noticed an improvement within a few days. I quickly noticed seeing the spark return to his eyes and some color in his cheeks. Uncle Bob was even laughing & joking with me. Using the CBD has been terrific for him. He says he feels way better & has less pain and nausea. He said he now has an appetite. Uncle Bob has become a believer in the healing power of cannabis. He’s no longer opposed to the feeling of being high. I was relieved that the CBD worked so well for him. He plans to start on a combination of THC and CBD and is determined to beat the cancer. We are all hopeful.


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