CBD edibles make vacation much nicer

When my brother and I were little, my parents took us fishing all of the times.

We had a boat that was fairly large with plenty of seats for all of us. We went on the lake and the river. We never took the boat on the ocean, but we had plenty of fun. We would spend all day on the water, trying to catch fish and river sharks. We even saw some alligators swim right next to the boat one time. When I was really small, I always had a problem with being seasick. Even if the river wasn’t very choppy, I still ended up feeling nauseous. Even when I was a teenager, the smallest wave in the water would send my stomach into a frenzy. When my parents talked about taking our boat out for a week-long adventure, I immediately protested. I offered to stay home and watch the dogs, but my parents wanted everyone together. The thought of spending a week enduring seasickness did not sound like much fun to me. Luckily, a friend of mine gave me some CBD edibles. He told me to eat some of the CBD edibles every morning before we went out on the boat. I thought the CBD products would make me feel woozy or high, but they didn’t have any effect like that. The CBD edibles were chocolate chip cookies and brownies. They didn’t taste awful, but I could tell they had some medicine inside. There was a faint earthy taste in every bite. The CBD edibles worked great and I didn’t have a single occurrence of motion sickness during the whole week.



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