CBD baking products are not as obvious

My mother is in her 70s and is way too thin.

  • Losing a lot of weight is common with senior citizens.

Their taste buds change and food starts to taste bland. My mother just has no appetite. She must have lost over 40 pounds in the last few years though. I am worried about her. Being older means she is more at risk to get sick and not recover. Having a little meat on her bones just seems safer. I have looked around and CBD is known to increase appetite. No way will my 70 year old mother go into a cannabis dispensary though. There is no way should would take anything that has to do with marijuana. Even though THC is not in most cannabis products, my mother would still feel it is a dangerous product. I looked around online to see if there was a CBD infused product that didn’t really make it obvious. I found that there is actual cooking materials that have cannabis in it. I found flours, oils and butters that contain CBD. A lot of people say that can’t even taste the difference. I think I am going to buy every product in the baking industry that has CBD. I plan to make cookies, brownies and other treats that have CBD. Anytime my mother comes for dinner I am going to force one on her. Maybe I could then gift the CBD products to her and not tell her what they are exactly. CBD could really help her out, I just need her to try it.
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