Careful when harvesting weed

Harvesting freshly grown marijuana is not for the weak.

I have to say, our favorite part of the growing process is the budding stage.

I like setting up my LED lights, getting the temperature right plus the air quality moist enough. I then get to keep everything similar day to day plus just watch the buds begin to bloom. My least favorite stage is when it comes to harvesting the plant, then there isn’t a single thing I hate more than than ruining the product due to harvesting too rough or incorrectly. When harvesting, try to handle the product legitimately little! To kick it off, harvesting has to be done at the right time; Too early or too late affects the overall smell or terpenes in the flowering stage. If you harvest too early, the flowers have not matured to the point of giving you a great stink. Always concerned when I understand that my product just will be bland. Next, the buds need to be trimmed at the stems and then hung up. What I do is connect our marijuana to clothes hangers. It is simple to trim them plus leave them alone during that stage. Then there is the drying plus curing stage of the plant, but drying them out requires me to set the thermostat to around 75 degrees, have about 50% humidity and I eventually dry them. The weed constantly stinks like grass or hay at this stage. The final stage is curing. I put the product into jars around 73% full and always open them up to let out air plus moisture, but you can see a lot can be messed up here.

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