A very successful growing facility

My youngest son has a growing facility right next door to his home, then unfortunately he has to leave a lot of the time to meet with more than 2 clients and other growers in the marijuana industry! When considering this, his grow op is left totally vacant, now a lot of things in the growing room are taken care of, however my son has a complex Heating & Air Conditioning unit along with timed programs.

He also has lights on a 12 hour brightness and fifteen hour darkness stage.

He even uses a humidifier and a dehumidifier depending on the time of year… All of this is monitored via an app on his cellphone, but thankfully when he takes off, I don’t need to touch anything. Typically I just check over his house, turn on the sink, turn lights on and make sure nobody has messed with the growing operation. The main concern is that there are odd stages of growing marijuana, and if my son is in the budding stage, I never have to do anything. I feel like he doesn’t leave during marijuana harvesting. The issue is when the weed is in the curing stage, and curing is simply when the pot is moved into some glass jars almost full. If he leaves during curing, I have a few jobs in the growing room. I have to open up the jars to let moisture and humidity out. If the product feels moist though, that means they did not dry properly in harvest. Then the two of us have to leave the jar open and check back every hour until they are. The moisture prefers to work itself out of the jar. It sort of reminds me of when I make sauerkraut.

Growing pot